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The Vital Executive

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The Vital Executive

Whether you are in and out of the board room on a daily basis, or you simply wish to access more of your inborn potential, we all have executive functions available to us that are hard wired within our brain and central nerve system, but there may be some things that we need to do more of or less of to gain full access to them.

It was Einstein who has been famously quoted as saying, “The average person only utilises 3% of their capacity”. But what if it were possible to utilise more? What would this look like? And how could this help us in pursuit of our dream career progression? Put more simply, to access more of our potential?

A big part of what makes or breaks a persons sustainable success is the quality of their daily rhythms and rituals. However even when we know this, most of us have the same habits and rituals that we did a decade ago.

There is only so long that you can sprint for before you have to slow down, or stop. The question is, are your daily habits allowing you to recharge and consistently be the best version of you? Or not?

With more information readily available in today's world about what people 'should do' than ever before, it is time now more important than ever not just to know, but to know how.

When it comes to Transforming Stress, Getting Clear on your Legacy and Growth, look no further than The Vital Executive Integral Coaching Pathway. 

With The Vital Executive, be prepared to know how.

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My sessions with Dr Alex have armed me with invaluable tools and methods to deal with my thought patterns – particularly during peak times of stress. I am extremely thankful to have received this coaching from Dr Alex, and feel that the lessons I have learned from him will benefit my life for many years to come.

Recommendation - Daniel McMillian - Managing Director

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Are you ready to Transform Stress, Align with your Legacy and Grow?

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